Harambee is a not-for-profit social enterprise with extensive experience building solutions and innovations that can solve the global youth unemployment challenge. We partner in Rwanda and South Africa with business, government, young people and many others who are committed to results that can work at scale.

We tackle the youth unemployment challenge using data, innovation, partnerships and on-the-ground experience to build pragmatic, implementable solutions that get results.




Harambee partners with existing private sector employers and emerging employment sector employers to match unemployed youth to employment opportunities or design and deliver upskilling interventions to address skills gaps.

One the key highlights of this quarter was the launch of our new office. This new chapter will accelerate our efforts in reaching our job targets in Rwanda. We thank everyone who has supported us in empowering youth and fostering collaboration. Here’s to many more impactful years ahead!

In an effort to improve our inclusivity and youth empowerment for this quarter, we had disability equality training facilitated by Uwezo Youth Empowerment. This training allowed us to consider aspects such as; disability etiquette, accessibility and reasonable accommodation that allow us to cater to all the young people we work with. Read more of our highlights below;



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