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Our Services

Work-Seeker Support

This is a one day training focused on building your skills in finding a job. We will discuss building your professional network, creating or improving your professional CV, and performing well in an interview.  This training takes place on WhatsApp.

“Ni byiza kudacika intege nk’urubyiruko kandi tukitinyuka. Nahuye n’imbongamizi kubera COVID-19 nk’ibihombo n’ubwoba bwuko iterambere ryanjye ryadindira. Ariko ibyo narabirenze mpitamo gukora ibindi nkunze ari naho urugendo rwo kwiga gukora ikawa rwahereye.”

Farida Umutoni

Harambee Graduate & Entrepreneur

CV Support

This is a service to receive professional feedback on your CV. Register and our support staff will call you to give feedback on your existing CV or help you to create one.

“My advice to you is to always implement what you’ve learned. I took what I already knew and what I learnt from Harambee and made use of it. That’s what has brought me to where I am today.”

Jean D’Amour Niyonsaba

Harambee Graduate & Entrepreneur

Mock Interview

This is a training to improve and practice your interview skills. Our staff will give you direct feedback and tips to make sure you succeed in your next interview.


“Being a university graduate didn’t stop me from hustling and doing informal jobs. My advice to you is to not sit and wait for a job, but work hard and take every opportunity.”


Pierre Mizero

Harambee Graduate, Harambee Rwanda

Earn for Yourself Chatbot – +250784366228

This is a WhatsApp robot that gives you advice and information on how to begin earning for yourself. To start, send “Twagiye” to +250784366228 on WhatsApp.

“There’s no such thing as too little capital when you want to start a business. Try to overcome your fears, because you are capable.”

Peace Kendra Karambizi

Harambee Graduate, Harambee

Eloi Inteyiteka

I have always wanted to improve my level of Spoken English since I am from a French-speaking background. The Speak English programme paved a way for me to land a job in the tech space. I comfortably interact with clients who are natives, and it makes me enjoy my career even more.

Irene Karugarama

The Work-Seeker Support training was exciting because I got to learn new skills like how to build work experiences and tips on how to write a professional CV. I enjoyed sharing what I studied with my peers and doing quizzes.

Hirari Tuyishime

Harambee nayikurikiranye mu kiganiro yatambukije kuri radiyo maze nigiramo bimwe mu bintu by’ingenzi urubyiruko rukwiye kwibandaho. Bimwe muri ibyo ni ugushaka ubumenyi mw’ikoranabuhanga kuko bifasha mu kunoza akazi ka buri munsi kandi mu buryo bwihuse.

Gisele Iradukunda

Through Harambee’s Work Seeker Support Programme, I learned that I have to seize every chance I get to build my experience without necessarily waiting for a paid job, but rather try to volunteer or do internships to gain skills that will support me when I land a paying job.

Alcene Musigwa

Umuryango wa Harambee wamfashije kubona akazi aho banyigishije uburyo nkwiye kwitwara mu kizami cyo kuvuga. Ibi byanteye kwitinyuka mu gihe nsubiza ibibazo, binyigisha kwerekana no gusobanura ubuhanga bwanjye bityo bingaragaza nk’umukozi ukwiye uwo mwanya.

Pacifique Tuyizere

The chatbot encouraged me to think of something that can earn me an income other than salary. I decided to start a small business with two cows for wholesaling and the business is flourishing. I have plans to buy more and increase the output.

Adeline Uwineza

I learned a lot from the Harambee programme, but most especially the power of networking. It’s good to submit applications; however, you can’t always rely on them. Building friendships and a great network can be key to more opportunities.

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